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Our off the shelf packages include:

  • A fully operational online shop

  • An order processing system which receives orders via e-mail from the online shop to produce work note, delivery notes and invoices combined with an html products generator which generates a web page based on a stocklist for the online shop (Excel 2000 or Excel 2007). Features include:

    • Control over background pictures, font colour, background colour

    • Multi currency (up to 6)

    • Printable pricelist

    • 10 product ranges

    • Infinite products within these ranges

  • An accounting package which produces a set of books and a set of annual accounts (Excl 2007). Features include:

    • Multicurrency with conversion back to a home currency

    • Banking, VAT, Home phones, Use of House plus normal expenses, income etc.

    The Order Processing System and Accounting Package may be linked to import internet orders,

  • A free web hosting service and domain name

These product are downloadable and come complete with help windows. We also provide a free correspondance consultancy service. 



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